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The controls are placed where they should be, but if you are not comfortable with their default placement, you can manually set the button positions to your liking. That aside, you can also use keyboards or Android controllers if you are not at peace with touchscreen controls. For a completely free emulator, MeBoy Advanced is impressive and can easily compete against the paid emulators. Here are the Game Boy Advance emulators that our team has reviewed.

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  • It was designed as a combination MP3 player, cellphone, PDA, radio, and gaming device.
  • The system received much criticism alleging defects in its physical design and layout, including its vertically oriented screen and requirement of removing the battery to change game cartridges.
  • On October 29, 2009, Nintendo announced a larger version of the DSi, called the DSi XL, which was released on November 21, 2009.
  • The Game Boy Pocket is a redesigned version of the original Game Boy having the same features.

In terms of the resolution, MeBoy Advanced got it right, though we wouldn’t say it’s the best in this area. Ergonomically speaking, this emulator is also within the standard.

However, given the gaming industry’s advent, the handheld GBA device has died out, albeit millions still love the games. DreamGBA is from the author of DreamGBC and runs games like Castlevania and Tactics Ogre-with sound. It is lightweight and can run almost all your favorite GBA games. Although it does not strike out with an exceptional feature, its simplicity and the ability to get the basic job done allows us to keep this on our list of best GBA Emulators for Windows. BatGBA does the unthinkable despite being a lightweight GBA emulator without having any complicated features. It is the simplest and best GBA emulator for PC on this list with all the required features. Audio and video recording features cause the emulator to crash frequently.

Twenty years later, GBA is starting to fade into oblivion. The early 2000s can be considered as the golden era for Nintendo gaming consoles. The idea of 3D gaming wasn’t even a thing back then, but the excitement that the early versions of the system gave us was truly remarkable. Game Boy Advance is the middle child within the Game Boy family. During its peak, schoolboys huddling in the corners of the hall while taking turns on playing Mario Bros or Doom was pretty much a common scenario. The Gameboy Advance games are known to have a large fanbase throughout the world.

Photo from Eclipse official WebsiteEclipse is another Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS that is proven to work. You can add this application to your home screen directly from Safari and configure it to your liking. It allows you to modify the aspect ratio of the screen, add skins to your emulator, and make speed adjustments on the gameplay. My Boy is among the most popular Game Boy Advance emulators that are available on Google Play today. This emulator works for any Android phone models; if you are using a lower-spec phone, the more you need to get this emulator. Emulators wouldn’t normally run properly on phones with older processors, but My Boy is specially made for devices with 4GB RAM or lower. Either way, My Boy will still give you a gaming experience that won’t disappoint.

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Finding the right GBA emulator that fits your gaming habits and your device is far from easy. There are lots to consider such as the phone model you have, its memory, and of course the maturity of the emulator you’re planning to use. In this section, we will be providing you the Game Boy Advance emulators that are proven to work properly. Some of the emulators that work on Android are not guaranteed to work on iOS and vice versa. Which is why we’ll be providing them to you separately. Photo by Aerozol from PixabayGBA is the 5th generation console of Game Boy that was released in 2001. Compared to its predecessors, GBA features a landscape form factor with additional shoulder “L” and “R” buttons.

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How to Install and Play Gameboy Games on Your Android Phone

We used a mid-range phone with 4GB RAM in testing them out to ensure that they are working on the majority of Android devices. Expect some jitters if you are using a phone with lower memory, but for those who are using phones with the best mobile processors, these emulators will certainly exceed your expectations.

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