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Game corruption has become a hot topic recently due to many you tubers playing through games that have in some way had their memory corrupted. The Real-Time Corruptor allows you to corrupt games as they are running, and contains many other features. One such feature is the ability to target specific functional areas in the file, for example the sound data. The location of each functional area is gleaned from what system the ROM is for, as each system has common data layouts. This allows you to tailor your corruption to specific functional areas while leaving the others intact.

Theoretically, the byte ranges could be determined by trial and error, but the common data layouts are a far better place to start. The Vinesauce ROM Corruptor is a program that allows you to change the bytes of any file by tweaking some simple settings.

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The only tricky part is that prior to using UniPatcher, the English patch and the ROM both must be extracted from their zip files. Unlike Windows, Android can’t extract zip files by default.

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It’s development thus far has been biased toward corrupting NES ROM files for that glitchy fun effect, but since it works on any file it can be used to corrupt any kind of ROM or game data file. This allows you to arbitrarily replace colors in games. Enter the hexadecimal value of the color to replace into the first text box. Multiple colors can be replaced at the same time by putting pipe characters (|) between them.

NameDescriptionCORRUPTThis is a ROM corruption tool that has many customized features. One of the main uses is to find and isolate data to make those killer hacks.ErosionA very interesting utility. This program corrupts data in a file – you can specify what what data and what it is corrupted with.

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Look at the new value for what GBA Games you were trying to change, and a list quickly shows you what address is the correct one.RomCorruptorThis utility allows you to corrupt specific ranges of data in your ROM files. Usefull for making strange effects in your ROMs, as well as finding level data. The Vinesauce ROM Corruptor was developed due to inspiration from YouTuber Vinesauce rom corruption videos. It corrupts the ROM file itself rather than memory, so technically it can be used on any file 2.

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You can use UniPatcher to patch ROMs on an Android smarpthone or tablet. It works the same way as Lunar IPS on Windows – just choose the IPS patch then choose the ROM, then poof it’s patched.

You’ll need something like Astro File Manager to do that. You have to use manual patching in cases where two patches need to be applied to a ROM. Of the games covered in my site, manual patching must be used to apply the English patch + the bug fix to "Front Mission", and the English patch + English dubbing patch to "Tales of Phantasia". One benefit with manual patching is that it allows you to put the ROM back in a zip file. This’ll save space on your computer, versus SNES auto-patching which requires you to keep the ROM out of a zip file in order to work. The problem isn’t derived just from a corrupted save; the game requires a patch before it can run properly. I tried a different method, and I was able to get the game to run and save, however there are still issues with the game, mainly with the sound.

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